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I will personally work on the job site on a daily basis to assure your project is done properly to your specifications. Anyone who has hired a contractor who uses subcontractors or has poor communications between himself and staff members will appreciate this kind of personal service.

We provide a quality product at a reasonable price which comes down to value. My references can attest to the quality, honesty and integrity I incorporate into each job. Some would say I'm finicky. But I've found attention to detail is the cornerstone of a job well done.

We use quality materials and will not scrimp on the things you may not see but make a difference. Quality caulks for your finished surfaces, quality thinset mortars for your tile floors, quality you may not see, but will be reflected in the long lasting results.

The reason I do this is because I want your referral. Recommending my Company to your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers is the best advertising and is more valuable than any advertising I can pay for. I have done work for entire families - mothers, daughters, uncles etc. because I was recommended. I have learned, and believe, that quality will sell itself. I approach your job as I would approach a job on my own house - complete the project so you won't have to worry about it again.

With over 25 yrs. experience we can provide a high level of knowledge and skill. This means the results will be both beautiful and will endure over time. This experience is also useful when it comes to planning your project. I can help you in basic project layout in order to maximize your remodeling dollar (ie: if you do it this way it will cost you less). Although I rarely get involved in the final choice of materials - colors, fabrics, door handles, etc. - I can recommend designers who will help you put things together.

Service on the job also includes maintaining a clean work environment with a minimum of household disruption. I stay aware of the difficulties of remodeling from the perspective of a homeowner who must live in what is essentially a job site. We work hard to contain our dust and we always clean our work areas before we leave.

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